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Core Technology Strength

Zhejiang IKAHE Sanitary Ware Co.,ltd. is a holding subsidiary of listed company Megmeet (stock code: 002851). It is a professional intelligent toilet manufacturer integrating scientific research, production, sales and service. The IKAHE Tec global R&D system, which is led by the US Silicon Valley Technology Research Center, Shenzhen's technology deep research and development, Zhuzhou's stand-alone test analysis, Taizhou's machine linkage verification and technology application integration. It has an automatic production line with an annual output of more than 1 million units from the whole unit to the whole machine, and an advanced complete set of parts testing and automatic testing equipment independently developed by the Asia-Pacific region.

IKAHE Sanitary Ware is the main drafting unit of the national high-tech enterprise, the new national standard GB/T34549 and GB/T23131 of intelligent toilets, and the deputy director unit of the Intelligent Bathroom Electrical Appliances Committee of China Household Electrical Appliances Association, and was awarded the “Top Ten Enterprises”. Leading brands and other honorary titles. The products have won many awards such as “International Design Gold Point Award”, “China Design Red Star Award” and Germany “IF Design Award”, and have many invention patents.

Welcome to the new world of smart wisdom and technology aesthetics of ikahe matheson

 Boost ultra-clean cleaning、 0-touch foot TOUCH technology、independent water pressure system、 hot and cold SPA massage washing、 warm air drying PLUS、 ultraviolet sterilization、 nano antibacterial seat ring、 MEGMEET industrial-grade main control board.IKAHE redefines smart technology as what we call"D6 feeling"Thoughts and ideas are to release people's deep sense, and push the understanding of intelligent technology to a new level. Wisdom aesthetics was born.

SINIWSET ndependent water pressure system, redefining the way of flushing

Revolutionary breakthrough from the water down and the bathroom function experience is not good, not limited by the water pressure at any time to achieve the best momentum,It is also the first to be carried in the field of smart toilets BLCD Dc variable frequency motor, higher configuration only for better experience. Smokeless zero water pressure (Opa), ultra-low water consumption (4L), brushless dc motor (BLDC), energy-saving power (60W), quiet comfort (50DB)

BOOSTTM Super clean washing, super flow, durable frequency conversion and instant heat

The second generation BOOSTTM Ultra-clean cleaning system brings outstanding cleaning experience, 100% healthy living water,900cc very large flow, durable frequency conversion, namely heat, as low as 0.6 KWH per day.100%Healthy running water、0.3 RMB per day electricity consumption、 0.2 seconds water temperature heating to 35 degrees Celsius、 plus or minus 1 output temperature、5 by response speed

Hot and cold Spa massage rinse, both thermostatic cleaning and hot and cold massage more comfortable

After using the toilet, rinse with warm water instead of wiping the paper towel, so that the arm dirt cleaning is more clean and thorough. Alternating circulation of cold and hot massage stimulates capillary and anal contraction, effectively prevents hemorrhoids constipation, enjoys the comfort brought by wisdom and effectively inhibits the breeding of bacteria.

Body temperature only applies to the thermostatic seat Incomparably comfortable intimacy

The temperature of the seat can be adjusted for comfort and peace of mind. The built-in sensor can timely detect the sitting state and sense the skin temperature. 
Every time you sit down, you're surrounded by the warmth of the toilet seat. The temperature is adjustable on the fourth level, The temperature is adjustable from 34 c to 40 c.

Warm air drying PLUS, heat upgrade, say goodbye to paper towel thoroughly

The drying humidity is adjustable at 3 levels, and the closed-loop temperature control system is adopted. The rotation speed of the previous generation of products is increased by 7.3 times, and the air output is increased by 1.5 times. Greatly shorten the drying time and improve the comfort level, from now on say goodbye to paper towels, energy saving and environmental protection and eliminate secondary pollution.

Medical standard ultraviolet sterilization, bactericidal rate of 99%

The 280nm wavelength can effectively remove bacteria and dirt, eliminate 99.99% of e. coli, staphylococcus aureus and candida albicans, avoid cross infection, and give your family meticulous care.

0-TouchTMTouch technology Completely free hands, bring the ultimate intelligent experience

Deep wisdom allows you to experience deep intelligence at your own will, and the unique patented foot touch technology of jardine,Flip, turn and flush functions can be completed with a light touch, thus bidding farewell to bending and freeing hands.

Focus on wisdom, only for a long time to accompany

More than 0 process flow, essence to every detail, quality from inside out Five years warranty, 20 years dedicated research and development, 78 dometic and foreign technology patents, 100+ quality testing, 500+ after-sales outlets